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María Chum

Maria Chum Pastor is 25 years old and lives in the village of Climentoro, municipality of Aguacatán, department of Huehuetenango and her life history reflects commitment, dedication and strength. He completed primary school, then diversified level and during his career, had to combine his studies with the work in the field and grazing, supporting his family. He graduated as an Expert in Communication Sciences and one of his main dreams, is to reach the university.


"I am proud to be the first woman, young and indigenous who is part of the most important organization in the community".


Maria is a dreamer and participant, in fact, she is involved in the activities of her community with the purpose of transforming reality. It occupies the position of representative in the Altense Youth Movement -MOJUVA- conformed only 7 months ago by a group of 16 young people motivated by making their voices heard. In addition, she is the president of the Municipal Coordinator of Children, Adolescents and Youth in her municipality and recently was named vocal I in the Community Development Council -COCODE-.

Getting my parents to trust me was the first challenge I faced - says Maria. I have had to struggle a lot to be able to participate in these organizations. To assert my opinion in a community organization where the majority of participants are adult men is not easy. My motivation is to get other young women to lose their fear of talking and participating, to listen to our opinions.


The day the assembly was held to form the coordinating body of COCODE, Maria was attentive and involved, had a clear objective: to gain a space to represent young people. The meeting was about to be concluded without any of the youth present being included in the structure. I took the floor and said that it was important for the young people's voice to be heard. I would like to participate - he said clearly. After listening to Maria and reflecting internally, COCODE decided to include it within the coordinating body. I am aware that I do not have a high position like the president or treasurer, but I am proud to be the first woman, young and indigenous who is part of the most important organization in the community, where decisions are made that affect us all Says Maria.


No doubt Maria has played a transcendental role after her election. It has been gaining ground among the leaders of the community. Proof of this is that, under their responsibility, are the keys to the school, the convergence center and the meeting room where the community activities are held and meet.


She is in everything, the gentlemen who are members of COCODE seek her and rely on her. She is intelligent and cooperative, she helps COCODE to manage projects, is the one that delivers the requests when we want to manage a project - affirms one of her colleagues. Maria has a purposeful and enthusiastic attitude, accepts the responsibilities that are conferred on her and constantly proves to be a person she can trust. It is an example of leadership for your family, your group, and your community.

"I am proud to be the first woman, young and indigenous who is part of the most important organization in the community"

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