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Elizabet García

Elisabet García is an 18 year old girl living in Cantón Plaza, San Nicolás village, Chiantla municipality, Huehuetenango department. He is engaged in household chores in the house. As much happens in the rural communities could not continue studying because of lack of resources and remained in second basic.


Elisabet: "One of my cousins ​​worked at ADESJU and she always organized young people. Since I was little I always liked to participate. When I was seven I told him that I wanted to go to a meeting to know the issues they were dealing with, because I could use something someday. Then I went and was watching. Over the years she got married and my cousins ​​and I grew and participated and to this day we continue with ADESJU. Now in our group we still have little ones to strengthen the group. Because someday we are going to leave and so the children can continue and the group will not disappear. "

"Before it was nothing and now I am something important in my family and in my community."


"Before participating with ADESJU was very shy. I did not like to participate or give an opinion. I was ashamed, I thought of what they could say about my opinions and that they were going to make fun of me. But since I started to receive the ADESJU workshops, I got over, because they make one participate even to those who do not want to. I developed. Now I give my opinions and I also have high self esteem. I'm not ashamed to speak or go public anymore. In that I have overcome. That was thanks to the projects and activities of ADESJU. They give workshops such as self-esteem or gender equity. They go to the communities and we as young people participate and we feel great and proud for that. That has helped me a lot and developed me. Before it was nothing and now I am something important in my family and in my community. Now they take me into account.


At this moment I am in ADESJU's communication program, where I learn to record, speak, do interviews, do radio spots, videos. I am also in the art program. I am also working in my community. I belong to COCOSAN (Community Commission on Food Safety of another organization). I also take into account the teachers to help in activities, such as sports, cultural. And the COCODE. In the future I would like to continue working with young people. My dream is to work as a field technician and do workshops. "

"Before it was nothing and now I am something important in my family and in my community."

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