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 Communication for development program​

Communication processes are essential to extend the practices of empowerment, through which youth get to understand itself current issues, discuss ideas, negotiate and participate in discussions and have criteria to participate and actively spread on the different topics.


The role of communication for development in the processes of empowerment helps distinguish it from other forms of communication. Its role in the youth and social empowerment in general makes it a vital element for planning efforts to achieve development goals.


The programme contributes to the promotion of the development of children, adolescents, youth and vulnerable sectors through communication, mechanisms of social education and generation of leadership for the strengthening of capacities and initiatives of the communicators.

Youth training for communication

ADESJU carries out processes of youth training in the field of communication for development. It has been training more than 27 rural young men and women who have mostly not had access to formal education, strengthening their capacities and skills in a systematic process.


The system of integral formation develop events of production of radio programmes and radio broadcasting with themes of the youth interest and disclosure of its problems, design of radio ads and recording of educational videos among others.

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