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Culture, arts and recreation program​

The program develops actions inherent to the creativity of children, adolescents and youth through processes specific to their artistic development as a way to interact and carry processes of education and awareness to the population in general.


The aim is to develop in childhood, adolescence and youth skills and artistic and cultural talents related to music, poetry and painting, among others. They awaken their creativity and encourage social transformation.

Music school

Miguel Angel Alva Rodriguez Music Academy is accredited by the Ministry of culture and sports of Guatemala, offering comprehensive courses in various musical instruments such as guitar, keyboard, drums, marimba, saxophone, among others.


We have experience working for more than 7 years where we have worked with more than 140 students along the path with a variety of genres and ages.


Our courses are customized and focus primarily on musical literacy and theory, so the student graduated from the Academy can play musical instruments, read sheetmusic as well as play melodies empirically. Currently we are working with more than 20 students on different musical instruments, thus achieving the formation of musical ensembles and solo musicians and encouraging participation in cultural events.

Community art

Community art is a component aimed at training adolescents and young men and women in artistic and recreational issues. The main objective is to promote human rights, the use of the time free and above all that art is a means of social transformation.


Through artistic practices the demands of youth at all levels are society are being expressed.


The participants in the training process are members of the youth groups served by ADESJU.

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