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Entrepreneurship program​

For ADESJU the entrepreneurship program allows joint efforts and resources for the development of productive opportunities that arise from the reality and necessity of the involved communities, as well as carry out management processes with the prominence of the organized youth and groups of the association.


The objective of the programme is to promote the search for alternative productivity fot the youth based on their environment and resources, improving its economy and therefore their quality of life.


It contributes to the development of the communities served by the association through the improvement of quality, occupational and permanent deformation as well as the implementation of productive processes.

Agricultural technical assistance

ADESJU, in partnership with the Federation of Cooperatives of Guatemala FEDECOAG, implements the project "Rural value chains" supporting 150 producers of potatoes, among them young people and women.


ADESJU provides support for 8 groups composed of young people, women and adults, with the aim of providing technical assistance at least once a month through training activities and visits to the areas of production.


The assistance is intended to contribute to the improvement of food and nutritional security, promoting the availability of food for subsistence.


ADESJU provides technical assistance in the management of potato production and has begun a process of production in greenhouses type macro tunnel with irrigation drip.

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