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Youth Action Program

The youth action programme contributes to strengthening the concept of active citizenship, based on the respect and promotion of human dignity, a critical social awareness and capacity to generate transformative dynamics of social injustices.


The programme focuses on the promotion of values, attitudes and skills that contribute to the generation of social and cultural changes. It stimulates the development of critical, tolerant, responsible and solirary attitudes and conscience, which serve to promote cooperation between people and societies, aimed at the promotion of social justice as the basis of  ADESJU.

Strengthening capacities and leadership


The strengthening of capacities and leadership is a component of the youth action program that is designed to stimulate in the youth skills that help them to be agents of change in their communities, through training processes that contribute to the exercise of youth leadership.


These training processes are important since they allow to unify efforts in joint activities which are coordinating and encouraging the participation of youth as actors of change.


Currently ADESJU works with 30 groups of organized youth which provides community support in order to train youth leaders with social consciousness.


This is achieved through the process of training with topics of interest of the youth such as self-esteem, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, participation and teamwork among others.


These spaces also allow for the participants to be involved in the design and implementation of youth initiatives.


Youth initiatives


Youth initiatives are a result of community empowerment processes. The young people's group have designed and implemented youth initiatives with the aim of exercising youth leadership and in this way contribute to positive changes in their community.


Youth initiatives implemented include installation of a playground with reusable materials, implementation of occupational short courses for the local economic development and the installation of a sports space for healthy living.

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