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Gender program

This program is a mechanism to contribute to the promotion of the inherent rights of men and women within the framework of equitable and comprehensive human development.

It contributes to the full exercise of the rights , fundamental freedoms and citizenship of women , with emphasis on young women as a mechanism to eliminate inequalities and achieve gender equity.

Empowered women initiative

ADESJU (with the support of PCI), works the Empowered Women Initiative that seeks political, social and economic strengthening of women through the development of individual and collective leadership. The freedom of women to think and act in the different areas of their personal, family and community life, their independence in the management of financial resources, the knowledge about their rights, the ability to require them and their participation with voice and vote in areas of decision-making are essential to achieve this.


We firmly believe that every woman has the ability to have an impact on the community, municipal and departmental levels to change their lives.


Within this initiative ADESJU is working with 92 self-help groups dominated by rural women where the main objective is to generate internal wealth through self-management of solidarity savings and credit unions.


With this we managed to increase the accessibility to financial resources, the development of economic entrepreneurship and achieve social, economic and political empowerment.

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