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The Association for the sustainable development of youth - ADESJU - is a non-governmental organization - NGO - non profit, located in the municipality of Chiantla department of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, Central America.
ADESJU intends to stimulate the participation of children, adolescents, youth and vulnerable sectors at all levels of social life. For ADESJU children, adolescents and youth is considered the most important population because 70% of the Guatemalan population is under 30 years of age.
Adolescents and young people between 13 and 29 years of age represent 33% of the population at the national level and 28% at the departmental level.
The majority of young people live in a situation of social exclusion with respect to education, health, participation ana access to employment. These conditions are favorable to be easy prey to violence, drug trafficking and organized crime.
The Ibero-American Convention of the rights of youth states that youth is "a social sector that has unique characteristics due to physical and, psycho-social factors and identity that require special attention because it is a period of life where the personality, the acquisition of knowledge, personal security, and the projection of the future are being developed and strengthened".
Knowing these terms ADESJU took the initiative to work for the development of the youth, seeking to improve the quiality of young people through processes of formation.

About Us


In 1999 several young leaders and community leaders got organized with the intention to form a partnership in otrder to help reduce the existing problems in childhood, adolescence and youth. They analyzed and discussed the possibility of forming young men and women on the theme of leadership in some communities of the municipality of Chiantla.
In that same year the association called System of Integral Youth Development "SIJUVEDE", was formed including a provisional board of directors.
In 2004 the Organization was legalized obtaining legal status under the name of "Association for the sustainable development of youth"ADESJU-NGO".



Contribute to the comprehensive development of childhood, adolescence, youth and vulnerable sectors with a human, social, economic, cultural, environmental and political focus, being a body of support and coordination in pursuit of solutions to the most urgent problems and needs, undertaking, planning, managing and executing activities to facilitate and strengthen the organization, training, coordination and advocacy on behalf of these sectors.



ADESJU is a strengthened and consolidated institution at the departmental level with large capacity for management and impact on socio-political areas, coordinating actions and strategic activities that contribute to the self-sustainable development of childhood, adolescence, youth, and vulnerable sectors.



General objective

Contribute to the integral development of children, adolescents, youth and vulnerable sectors, as well as the defense and promotion of aspects that tend to raise the quality of life in pursuit of sustainable development.


  • Contribute to raising the quality of life.
  • Encourage the organization of childhood adolescence and youth as a permanent strategy for the promotion of their rights and interests.
  • Running programs for children, adolescents and young people so that they can influence in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of national and municipal policies.
  • Manage formal and alternative education of high quality, as a means of continuing to provide the development of children, adolescents and youth.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the comprehensive development of children, adolescents and youth through programmes of education, sport, recreation and culture.
  • Establish strategic alliances with other movements and organizations for the promotion and defence of the interests of the population served.

Lines of Action

  • Strengthening youth leadership.

  • Incidence.

  • Support to community management.

  • Promotion of integral development.

  • Entrepreneurship for youth self-sustainability.

  • Artistic training.

  • Education in information and communication technologies.

  • Economic and social empowerment.

Attended groups

Our work focuses on children, adolescents, youth and vulnerable sectors of the department of Huehuetenango.


We are currently working with 30 youth groups, 8 groups of agrarians and 92 groups consisting in mayority of women and others mixed.

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